My dream comes true to visit Shanti Niketan

Really it is a superb place, an idle place to learn and relax for sometime. I always wanted to be at that place. But unfortunately I never able to go. But I get a chance to see that place, the place which have the memory of Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore. Yes …it was my visit to Shanti Niketan at Bolpur.
It was not my first visit to Bolpur, I had visited many times but unfortunately I have never been able to see the Shanti Niketan. But this time I don’t want to miss it.
The golden chance came with a programe of Picnic at Bolpur nearby Kabiguru Industrial Training Centre (KGITC), which is newly open in Uttarnarayanpur. The walking distance of Shanti Niketan is near about 25 minutes. As I heard from the people the Shanti Niketan is much wider to see and collect information. So its need for a guide to see the place properly. In our picnic team one of my friend was spended his 1 year at this place so we choose him as a guide.

He taken us to Shanti Niketan from the picnic spot by walking. Its really a nice place with peaceful environment and have more greenery (which I love).

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