Great idea by old person - To reach destination at earliest without any Traffic!!!

Just remembered the day when I came from Kolkta to Durgapur by Cab, when I reached at Panagarh. And its took 1hr and 30 mintues to come at Durgapur.  That's what I have listen from an old person who is discussing about the topic while returning from the Kolkata to Durgapur and has stuck in the traffic jam at Panagarh and its take much time to arrive in Durgapur, which is occur often.

But its the daily's routine and the Durgapurian as well as who came from Kolkata to Durgapur by bus or the cab know the situation about Panagarh Traffic and they even expected it always.  But why I'm writing it?

Because I got a good extract from the old person who discussing about it, who suggested it'll be better to take a Ambulance Car, which run through the Traffic without any disturbance.  I laughed at his suggestion by taking an Ambulance to go Kolkta.  And the best part is in Ambulance there will be no Patient. Amazing! na!

So, the idea is worthy and by utilising it you can reach your destination at earliest without any Traffic. Awesome idea.

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