Hope to attend the Picnic at Nachan Dam

An another picnic has coming on the way...ho..ho..... And hope it'll be decided soon.  The decision has been taken among all the colleague of my office.  We have planned to do something in a holiday alongwith our families. And the program has been came into the mind to go somewhere for a picnic.

So, which place will be the good picnic spot at Durgapur area?

Everyone has gave us their opinion about the picnic spot, one given the spot name Durgapur Barrage, some says it will be Maithon or Manali Aranyak Tourist Hub or Kumar Managalam Park, Deul etc. etc.  But it has also be in mind that we have only one days to enjoy so if we go far from the home place then it'll be difficult for us to enjoy the picnic.

For the reason we have decided that to go to the Nachan Dam, which will be a idle place for the picnic in Durgapur.  Also we have much time to enjoy the picnic with family.  The Nachan Dam Theme Park is an entertainment park, having arrangement for Boating, Picnic etc. Its near or about 10 KM from City Centre of Durgapur.

So till now its spotted as our Picnic spot, but what will be the next day...............I don't know!!!

But hoping for a good picnic this weekend and want to enjoy the winter with sunny scorching heat.

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