Journey to Tatanagar from Durgapur

"Paani se pyaas na bujhi to maykhane ki taraf chal nikla, socha shikayat karu khuda se, khuda bhi tera ashique nikla". After 5 second again "Paani se pyaas na bujhi to....." I got up from the bed, who calling me in early morning. I puzzled a bit by this call, suddenly wake up and received the call. I forget really forget about that, I will have to go Tatanagar and caller was my colleague, because it was settle at last night. Who will also go with me there. It was 3:38 am. I started to prepare myself for the journey from Durgapur to Tatanagar or Jamshedpur.
It was first time I have enjoyed the winter's early morning in Durgapur and it was just possible because of journey to Jamshedpur, otherwise I used to wake up after sunris. This is not my daily routine, because I have started the morning walk in early morning, but the way the winter came its not happening from the last 2 weeks.
Finished my preparation and ready to go. I reached at the bus stop, where our rented car will arrive. After a few minutes the car arrive and we go to the destination place.
It was my first time to go this beautiful city. I was so exited to see especially TATA's factory. But unfortunately we have no much time to waste there as because we have to return early that day. We reach at Bistupur at 9:30 am. After returning from the work it was already 4 pm. And there was no scope to see the TATA's factory also we were feeling a bit tired and after a big journy of 6 hours and also had to return at home town. But atleast I see the beautiful city. Atleast I saw the beautiful park namely Jubilee Park from the way to Mango in running conding of car.

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