The wedding season in winter at Durgapur

I was much busy after starting this week. The work pressure is too high and too hectic. And also the week start with wedding as this is known as the wedding season in India and the Durgapur is looking like a wedding city this winter. My surrouding area are well decorated with wedding pandals and decoration also modern type. Every part of my surrounding area are lightening with the pandals and shining in the ray of light and electricty power, everywhere I hear the movie song which was aired by music player in the pandals, and sometimes Shehnai everyone is preparing to checkout the gifts for the married couples, the market is flooding with the customers of wedding season, the crowd in the readymade shops in the market are unbelievable as the people watching the well dress, suit, trousers with varieties of color for the married couples.
All are preparing for the enjoyment in wedding party of their relative, friends and dear ones, asking and talking about what they wore today's wedding party, which color of dress they wore, which scent they will use in the party. Everyone planning to enjoy the wedding party and I am find myself too alone in the crowd of this population and cut from this enjoyment. As because I have the only routine to get early in the office and back in the home in dark night. The workforce is much high in the office due to low attendance in the office. As office staffs take the leave for the marriage party of their relatives and their friends. I have also to attend marriage party but have no leave for me. Atleast...atleast I found it on Tuesday, not for the marriage party...this is for my personal work and I get it through request. But now today I have pending jobs in the office when I reached at the office the work in my desk still laying and I have to done it at any cost.

I have an another programme on coming Monday, how can I take a leave for that day. What will I give the reason for it? Will I get the leave? The time has been passing by thinking about it..and the days are coming nearer.

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