In confusion - Janta Express goes to Buxar station or not?

Just feeling better after receiving the call .  I was in tension since yesterday, as I have no better idea about the train schedules.  And that is the cause for my tension.  As I searched the Indian Railway site [ ] to confirm the trains which goes to Buxar in Bihar.

After a long search I found trains like Bibhuti express, amritsar express and poorva.  And we take tickets for the Bibhuti express from Durgapur station to Buxar.  But unfortunately Bibhuti has gone and can't catch it, after a while Janta Express is on the station, but we are not confirm that it'll goes to the Buxar or not.  That's the confusion which causes my tension.

But now I get relief, Janta Express has arrived at the Buxar station, means it has a stoppage in the Buxar.

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