Searched the availability of trains from Durgapur to Bhatni Junction

Bit irritated while searching the code of the railway station/junction from the indian railway website, I hope many of us get confused about the code of station.  It's started when I started searching upon the request of one of my colleague, who wanted to get the schedule and availability of trains from Durgapur to Bhatni.  It's first time when I heard the name of any place named Bhatni, it was unknown to me.

He provided me name of the trains which goes to the destination station but I found only one though out of them.  But main problem arises when I arrived on the page from where I can get the schedule and avaibility of the trains but first I had to enter the source and destination station's code, which is unknown to me for the Bhatni Junction.  I have tried many times but always getting wrong.  No...No. It was my fault, I had input the wrong spelling of the station by which the problems arises.

But atlast I found it the code of the Bhatni Junction is BTT. I got relief and started searching the trains.  I found only one train which goes to Bhatni from Durgapur is Bagh Express. But there was no avaibility on the dates which he given to me.  I searched again by input the date, I found another train on the provided date CP GKP EXP and stopped the searching.  At this stage I got fade-up with this all searching of trains.

But atleast I found! he.he.he. and given the details to him.

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