Say not other place - take latest shopping experience in Durgapur itself.

The count down has started for the great festival of Durgapuja in West Bengal. The structure for the puja pandals are started their construction to attract the visitors to their puja pandal. The people starting their shopping, the gathering of people in the market place has brings happiness & smile on the face of shopkeepers, who invested lots of money and brings more fashionable items to choose variety of latest design from apparel, shoes, watches, gift items and lots of fashionable items for enjoy the Durgapuja.

I remember those days when Durgapurians (people of Durgapur) visit another place for shopping and Kolkata were the most shopping attraction of Durgapurians for latest fashion and trends available in the market. But going outside from Durgapur was the lack of availability of shops and latest items in fashion and design in Durgapur, that was the reason.

I also remember that the Benachity Market is the main market of Durgapur and mostly the people who are unable to go outside do their marketing from this market. There are few shops available in the Benachity market to choose limited fashionable items. The main shops which attract the people of Durgapur are Durgapur Variety StoresBata etc. This may bore the people every New Year by providing same fashionable items.

But now thanks for the development of Durgapur, which open doors for consumers to choose variety of latest tends in fashion and designing clothes, shoes and experience the latest apparel items from international brands. The development of Durgapur attract the manufacturers and producers to opens their Shoppe in Durgapur. Now the people of Durgapurian have variety of choices to choose from latest fashion and design in Durgapur. Because the addition of the Shoppe of Shoppers Stop, Pantaloons etc. brings the smile on the faces of Durgapurians, isn’t? Benachity Market also upgraded itself by providing and renewing their Shoppe to attract the customers to choose variety of items in latest fashion and design on Apparel, Clothing, Shoes, Gift and Electronic Product. And if you visiting Durgapur after a long time then you will not identify this is Benachity Market Place or I’m at some other place?

Yeah, one good news for Durgapurians, Durgapur Variety Stores has opened its new Shoppe at Bidhan Nagar (Near Pritika Hotel).

Latest addition (Opening on 22nd August 2011, Monday), experience the new era of fashion at its 1st store, ZING - The Unique Fashion World for Men at 1st Floor, Junction Mall, City Centre, Durgapur-713216. - Hope the boys like me, likes it...

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