A remarkable and unpleasant incident (Part-2)

As you had go through my previous blog about the same title named Part-1, now I am going to write the next part of this story.

In Part-1 you had read…after warning of the landlord about the put of the switches of light in toilet, the people who lived in the complex started to use the toilet without switch on of the lights.

The time has been passed in its own way, suddenly one midnight I awake from my bed after hearing noisy voice from inside of the complex. I came outside from my home, where I saw my neighbor’s wife was wiping loudly. I asked a person, who was watching that incident, what happen? Then he told me that she’s slipped in the toilet and get injured. I understand the problem and seen the toilet’s light, is still switched off. After sometime with the help of the peoples she’s gone to the home and we are also going to the bed again.

Next morning, the landlord called all the people, who used the complex, in his home and said, “I think, lights are not necessary for the toilet, as because all of you go to the toilet without light, so I decided to cut the electric line of the toilet. It’s agreeable? All were silence at that moment. After sometime, I replied in negative that I use the light only in night when I go to the toilet, if you cut off the light then it’s possible to injured like what happened yesterday night. So it’s not good for me and also I don’t want to injure myself. The rest people are still silence. Landlord again said, yes your point is right, but what about others. They are not using the light, how can I connect it for a single person, I have invested a lot in this complex and without use its have no meaning, what you say? I replied positively, and again I clear the problem in absence of lights and also strike out the incident of last night.

The complex was fully silence for a while, as it was looking like a place where nobody presents. The landlord broken the silence and suggested that he will disconnect the switches of toilet and provide a new connection in each home individually, by which you will be responsible for switch off or on in toilet of your own and I will charge you an amount of INR 50/- extra. This is final, if you wish then live otherwise may search another place.

The story will be continue in will end in the next part…… So, don't forget to enjoy PART-3.


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