Magic - Saturday Night

I am feeling sleepy today...because today is Sunday. But it had never been happened in my life that i am feeling sleepy. So what is the special in this Sunday? Getting tired after Monday to Saturday job. I came back early yesterday (Saturday) from office also got my wage (I cannot tell it salary). After a plan with one of my colleague that, how to use this Saturday night in a really cool way? After his consent and a much good idea, we decided to take the drink. And the drink is not far from us, its 2 KM from our office, its a onshop counter at Bidhan Nagar area. At that day I get tired so I can't decline that offer given by my colleague. I'm not a regular drinker, I used to drink in very long period or you can say as occassionally. In this month this was my first time, I remember that I taken my previous drink few month ago witht he same colleague, but at that time I was taken a little quantity of wine which was really good and given me pleasure after drunk and I get rid of my tiredness. Yesterday I requested him to take the same brand which we drunk in our last meeting, and both of us drunk but this time the quantity is gone up and up. Yeah I asked him the name of the brand, he told me it's magic moment. I really amazed that this is really magic. But we reach at home with safely, because we drunk in safe mood, I mean no overload (by which people called us in their language "MAATAL").
That's why today (Sunday) the I'm feeling sleepy and sleepy. The body language tell me that you are getting even much tired than before. But now I am feeling good and feeling even better than morning today.

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