A memorable Tuesday - Money is everything?

br..bbb....b.r.....rrrbbrrr...brrrrrr....., I heard the sound which was came from beside me, where I was sat on the chair outside the cash counter of bank. No. No. Neither I am looking like a naughty nor doing any entertaining with you. This is what I have seen yesterday (Tuesday) in a Nationalised Bank situated at Benachity. I had been there to withdraw some cash, because I had to go Kolkata for official purpose. It was 12:15 pm, when I reached at bank where I saw a woman, aged between 45-50, dressed like labours (in Indian formal dress wearing saree) and looking quite rural. I sat there because I have to wait for someone, suddenly, he sat beside me and saying something (but I can’t understood what she was saying) replicately and she is repeat the languages again and again. I thought she was mad (not only me the other persons who was in queue also thought the same as me), but not. She came with a boy looking like his son (maybe not sure).

One person who is standing beside me, looking like a gentleman, ask the women, what she is saying, but there was no answer for this. After a while, the boy who behind the woman (and with the woman), replied the answer questioned by that person, that she is suffering from mental problem. The person said that yes, I thought the same. Then the person questioned again to the boy that, are you the account holder? Then the boy replied him that no, I’m not. And indicated that the woman is the account holder, the account is in her name. After that the gentleman gone from there after his work related to banking.

After sometime the woman has withdrawn the cash from the cash counter and kept into her and trying to grab some money from them, she is trying to open the pack of money but getting fail again and again. I was still looking at her activity. But she was not be able to take one from them, the boy forcing her to take the money from her hand but as per her attitude she never want to give the money to the boy. But at the last she gave the money to him, the boy open the pack of the money and given one piece (one hundred rupee) to her. She forced the boy to grab many but she can’t (as she has no power at this old age). I continue looking the activity for both. After getting the one piece of hundred rupee note in his hand, I can’t express how much pleasure she has at that moment. She opens her aanchal and kept the one piece of hundred rupee note. I am very sentimental; I understand what is going there.

I always think about money, Money is everything? I can’t express the situation which was at that time. How she was tried to take the money from the boy and how much get pleasure after getting one piece of hundred rupee note. Her smile on the face, tell her pleasure to get the money. I knew, she was a hard worker, working everyday for her meal, and from them she keep saving and kept the money for her future. Everyone is trying for saving. I know she worked hard for that money and also working hard till date, but at last she find nothing. That was my one of the most memorable incident which I saw in my own eye that, what is money?

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